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1900, Holland & Lake


Submarines designed by both these men found their way into the US Navy of the 1900's.  Holland, who was born in Ireland in 1841, and Lake, who was born in America in the 1850's, developed their submarines at the same time, but for different purposes. Holland's' submarines were designed solely for war and even carried some crude weapons to that effect. Lake's vessels, on the other hand, were designed with wheels to allow them to run along the bottom. Simon Lake built air locks into his vessels, to allow divers to enter the craft while under water. Lake saw his submarines as craft for exploration.


Holland 1 Dimensions

Length  -  53 feet
Beam  -  10.7 feet
Displacement  -  64/74 tons
Speed  -  8/6 knots
Test Depth  -  100 feet


Lakes' Protector Dimensions

Length  -  60 feet 
Beam  -  11 feet
Displacement  -  122 Tons
Speed  -  7.5/4.6 Knots


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