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1951, Tang Class

The Tang class were the first new class of  submarines designed and built by the US Navy after WW2. The class comprised 6 vessels, the Tang, Trigger, Wahoo, Trout, Gudgeon and Harder. The Tang entered service in October 1951 and was decommissioned in February 1980. The last of the class to be decommissioned was the Wahoo, in March 1980.


Tang  SS563
Trigger  SS564
Wahoo  SS565
Trout  SS566
Gudgeon  SS567
Harder  SS568



Ships Dimensions
Length  -  267 feet (as built)
Beam  -  27 feet
Displacement  -  2050/2700 tons
Speed  -  15.5/17 knots
Test Depth  -  700 feet.




The last 4 photographs of the Tang are kindly loaned by Rick Rowe from the Tang SS 563 web site. For more information on the Tang class, please visit Rick's great site.



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