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1954, Nautilus

Probably the most recognized of any submarine. The Nautilus was the world's first nuclear powered vehicle of any kind. Her career spanned 26 years, with many submarine firsts to her credit. The Nautilus revolutionized submarine warfare. She was very hard to track, because of her speed and endurance underwater and her ability to submerge to great depths. She was the first to cross the North Pole, first to transit the Arctic Ocean submerged and the first to average more than a few knots under water for long periods of time.

Nautilus is now a museum boat at the Submarine Base in Groton, Connecticut.

Nautilus Dimensions

Length  -  323.8 feet
Beam  -  27.8 feet
Displacement  -  3533/4092 tons
Speed  -  22/25 knots
Test Depth  -  700 feet


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