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1956, Barbel Class

The 3 vessels of the Barbel class were the last conventionally powered submarines built by the US Navy. They were also the first to adopt the teardrop hull that was originally tested in the Albacore. They were comparatively small craft, measuring approximately 219 feet in length, with a submerged displacement of 2640 tons. These submarines carried a crew of around 85 and had an armourment of 6 - 21 inch torpedo tubes. All of these boats were decommissioned by 1990, after long and successful service to their country.


Barbel- Built by Portsmouth Navy Shipyard. Keel laid 1956- Launched 1958
Blueback- Built by Ingalls. Keel laid 1957- Launched 1959
Bonefish- Built by New York Ship Builders. Keel laid 1957- Launched 1958


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