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1957, Skate Class

The Skate became the 3rd Nuclear Submarine for the US Navy and the first class to go into a series production. There were 4 vessels in the class, the lead ship being the Skate. The 3 that followed were the Seadragon, Sargo and Swordfish.
The Skate class were small boats compared to their predecessors, only 268 feet long, with a maximum beam of 25 feet and a submerged displacement of 2848 tons.
Originally designed and built for under ice exploration, these submarines pioneered techniques for use in and around the ice packs of the North Pole.






Skate Class Dimensions

Length  -  268 feet
Beam  -  25 feet
Displacement  -  2550/2848 tons
Speed  -  15.5/18 knots
Test Depth  -  700 feet
Armament  -  6- 21 inch Torpedo Tubes forward
2- 18 inch Torpedo Tubes aft



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