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1958,  Skipjack Class


The Skipjack class submarines were the result of nuclear power and the hull form pioneered by the Albacore SS569. Powered by the S5W reactor, which was later used in all production class submarines, Skipjack and her 5 sister ships were able to travel underwater at a speed of 30 knots. These vessels were small, maneuverable and reliable and provided valuable knowledge for the construction of future classes of attack submarines.



Ships Dimensions
Length  -  252 feet
Beam  -  31.8 feet
Displacement  -  3070/3500 tons
Speed  -  15/30 knots
Test Depth  -  700 feet




Photograph 2 & 3 are very kindly loaned by Paul Walker from the Scorpion SSN 589 we site. If you would like to learn more about the Scorpion, then please visit Paul's great site


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