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1960, George Washington


In 1960, the US Navy married Nuclear Propulsion and the Ballistic Missile to form the most potent weapons system known to man. The result of this marriage was the George Washington. Here was a submarine that could deliver missiles with great accuracy to anywhere in the world. At the same time the vessel could remain hidden from detection, because the submarine could launch her missiles while submerged. The original Polaris missile carried onboard had a range of 1200 miles, but steady improvements in fuel and rocket technology have led to the advent of the Trident Missile with increased ranges to around 6000 miles, and greater payloads carried.


Ship's Dimensions

Length  -  382 feet
Beam  -  33 feet
Displacement  -  5959/6709 tons
Speed  -  16/22 knots
Test Depth  -  700 feet

In all, there were 5 ships in the George Washington Class Submarine:

George Washington  SSBN 598
Patrick Henry  SSBN 599
Theodore Roosevelt  SSBN 600
Robert E. Lee  SSBN 601
Abraham Lincoln  SSBN 602

The first of these vessels, the George Washington, was launched in 1959, and the last to be decommissioned, again the George Washington, was in 1985.



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