For Sale/Swap

This page has been created for those people who wish to sell their model sub, or related material, or for those who are interested in swapping a model sub.

If you have an add you would like placed here, then email it to me Garry Gray and I will post it up as soon as possible. I will include email addresses and phone numbers where possible, so that you may contact the people who post up a message here directly. 
 Please note that I do not accept responsibility for any transactions that take place or for the quality of articles sold or swapped.

FOR SALE  10-11-2011

Bernie Watts has a steam engine for sale, along with boiler and other operating equipment.  Bernie says that the system is worth 3,000 dollars, but will take 1,600 dollars or there abouts. If you would like more photographs of this set up, then you can contact me Garry or if you wish to contact Bernie directly, then you can email him HERE .




Robbe type 21 as above with engle tank all servos speed controller rx U2511 as seen at Canberra, $2250.00.

Includes Futaba 6 channel radio or 03 97438959 / 0400012966


thank you

Kevin Mander

FOR SALE:  13-3-06

Albacore Submarine model.  Built from the SubTech kit. Includes hull, motor,
prop and shaft, ESC, ballast pump, APC, BEC.  Some work needs to be done on
the ESC and waterproofing the WTC. $500. 


Radio controlled submarine.  Must be completed and running, in good
condition, reliable, with all fittings and equipment required to put
straight into the water and run.  Prefer modern era SSN/SSBN but will
consider any offers.

Willing to pay good money for your second hand sub. Photos and description
(incl. dimensions, history, description etc) appreciated. Email Brad at

!/72nd scale USS Pasadena (LA Class)

I am going to sell my first sub USS Pasadena (commonly know as old faithful)

as I do not use it and I think there is someone out there who will enjoy

using it. I would like to see it more often at running days but when I take

out both submarines for a running day, I always end up using only one of

them, the new sub USS Greeneville.


I am going to sell it as a "complete submarine" package with all equipment.

This will included the following

4 channel radio with battery pack

12v 6.5amp battery

12v battery charger

1 can of propel

submarine stand and box with wheels for easy transport to lake

complete submarine ready to run. (easy as take lid off box, prep sub for

run, place in lake, test and run. ) There will be some things the

buyer will have to buy like new cans of Propel, Vaseline for the upkeep of

the sub.


I am going to sell it at the price I paid for sub and all the equipment.


It sounds allot but it is ready to run.

People can see it on the Sydney Submarine Squadron web page.


FOR SALE 5-02-05

1/72 Scale Remote Controlled Los Angeles Submarine.
Sub about 80% Complete, Kit is 100% complete.
Sub comes with:-
4Channel Hi-Tec FM Radio
Hi-Tec Receiver and Crystals
Thor Design Sub Leveller
4 Servo’s
Water Tight Cylinder with ballast tank and onboard electrical system, complete.
MSSA 12Volt speed controller
MSSA voltage regulator
MSSA Fail safe system
12Volt battery with charger, and case.

 $1250 ONO Contact Bruce Murphy on 0438221352

FOR SALE   29-8-05

Robbe U-47 Submarine. This model is for sale as a kit and is not assembled.

The price is $600.00 and you can contact Phil Clarke on mobile number 0407 054401 if you are interested.


FOR SALE  4-4-08

U-1008 (formally Robbe U47) fully static diving with after market Type VIIC/41 conning tower & decks from Dream Arts of Germany, Engel 750ml piston ballast tank with fail-safe, 36mhz synthesised receiver, SubTech pitch controller, SubTech depth controller installed (but not connected), real rust weathering, scale crew figures.  See her conversion and some video at


$2,250 plus postage (within Australia only please.  Overseas shipping will be ridiculous!!!)


Email me at if you’d like any more information about her.